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Extreme Makeovers

Posted on Wednesday - June 29, 2005

I hope you are enjoying my new improved website. Gloria Hansen and Derry Thompson did a really great job designing it for me and they deserve ALL the credit. My part was simply to answer emails quickly, mostly telling them I agreed with what they were doing, please go right ahead. I started my book, Free Expression, early in 2004, delivering the manuscript in October to the staff at Quilting Arts Magazine. This was their first book, as well as mine. When they asked me what design I had invisioned for the book, all I could think of was to make the book similar to their magazine but longer covering only one topic. We knew how long the book needed to be, but I had no clue how much would fit in that space. So I spent a lot of time writing and writing, making drawings, writing more, rethinking things, etc. I figured the editors would keep what would fit and remove the rest, and anything deleted would be like sourdough for the next book.

Having the book published was like having an extreme makeover done to my manuscript. The experts took over, did their magic, and here is the wonderful finished product. The difference is that no one told me I was a mess, too short or unfashionable! Same thing with the website.

So, I hope you will cruise around the website and enjoy yourself. I now have a stock of my book to autograph and sell, check the books and patterns page for the address to send the check.

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