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Catching up!

Posted on Tuesday - April 25, 2006

I apoligize for not updating my journal more frequently. I'll try to make it up with one giant update.

In January, I lectured and taught in Melbourne, Australia for the Australasian Quilting, which was wonderful. They took excellent care of their teachers and students. I got there in the middle of the Australian Open, and many of the other visitors in Melbourne were there for "The Tennis". The second day I was there was Australia Day. It was 104 degrees fahrenheit, which seemed a bit warm, especially coming from Chicago, where it was winter. But it wasn't so bad and I got used to it. I was already thrown off kilter by the time change and having to convert inches to metric, $US to Australian dollars, Night to day, and all that, so after a few hours, I just thought I had been transported to July.
Australia Day seemed similar to Independance Day, except it was in January, not July. They had lovely fireworks over the river. Melbourne is a beautiful city.

I lectured the first evening, right after the cocktail party, where champaigne and tucker was served. To start out my lecture, I asked the audience to pose for a picture, as my mother has told me to take lots of pictures whenever I teach. So I did. And here they are:

Here's another picture:

They seem pretty perky if you ask me!

The quilters I met were really nice and very very friendly. They had "tea" twice a day, in the morning and in the afternoon. "Tea" isn't just tea, it's also coffee, or soft drinks and some nice snacky thing. At one point, someone asked me if I thought "ice cream for tea" seemed odd and I said that I had no clue what "tea" was supposed to be so I was all for it. We should have tea in the US. It would keep us fully awake in the afternoon.

The "Debbies" are three friends, all named a variation of Debbie, who looked out for me at tea. This meant they waved at me to sit with them, and when I sat down, they had silverware, napkins and other things already there for me, since the first few times, I was so overwhelmed by the snacks that I kept forgetting things and had to pop up and down about five times.

They were a lot of fun!

Melbourne has a very nice airport. I particularily found this sign amusing. Note that after the names of many of the flights, it says "relax". Isn't that nice? I wish we did that in the US.

And now for something completely different: Cranston is coming out with fabric with my designs in their Quilting Treasures line. The name is Serendipity, and it will debut at Quilt Market in May!

Sometime soon they'll have the collection up on their site. The fabric will only be offered to independent quilt shops. It's made in the USA!

I'll put up some pictures as soon as I can.


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