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Tiara Parade Pictures 4

Posted on Monday - November 7, 2005

And our final group of contestants. I want to apologize for the poor quality of the photos, I am obviously not a professional photographer, and things were moving fast. I think I still missed a few people.  I hope that you can still see how much fun we had, both showing off the tiaras and watching the tiaras and that you'll join us next year! It will be the Saturday of Quilt Festival.

I want to thank everyone for letting me put their pictures up, and for participating, and it was really fun! I would be happy to put your name with your picture if you email me with your contestant number. I will be happy to replace your picture with a better one if you'd like too, and put up your picture if I missed you. I'd also be thrilled to add a few sentences about your tiara.

Contestant #30

Contestant #31

Contestant #32 Robbi Joy Eklow
The basis for my tiara was an abandoned crown centerpiece. It was raining glitter. And decorated with very tasteful stuff dolls.

The best part about this tiara was that it was disposable. And done at the last minute!

And here is Karey Bresenhan herself. Karey always looks royal, doesn't she?
Please note that you can just barely see me standing behind the lecturn.

Pamela Allen is proclaimed the winner!

Pamela was very emotional about the whole thing.

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