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Houston Here I Come!

Posted on Saturday - October 22, 2005

I thought about skipping the IQA show in Houston this year, because I'm not teaching and I don't even have a quilt there this year. But, then I remembered that I haven't actually seen the show in the last two years, because I was teaching so much, I was too tired.

So, now I'm really excited. AND the White Sox will be in the World Series, with two games in Houston while I'm there. I'm really a Cubs fan, but  I am a true Chicagoan, so I will cheer for them. I bought a Sox hat, and three t-shirts to wear during festival.

I'll be signing copies of my book at the Quilting Arts Booth on Thursday, from 11am to noon, and then 1pm -2pm on Friday. I will sign a book you buy right then, a book you already bought, or even just a postcard if I remember to pack them.


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