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More about the Tiara Parade

Posted on Monday - October 10, 2005

An announcement from Karey Bresenhan:
Just a note to let you know that the Tiara Parade at Quilt
Festival in Houston will be held on Saturday from 12 to 12:45 in
the Festival Theatre on the show floor.  The Festival Theatre is
located in Hall E, all the way to the right hand end of the show.
We'll have a bit more organization than usual, seats for those of
you who want to sit, a microphone so we don't have to holler, and
everybody will get his or her moment in the limelight!  Remember,
the more of you who make those super creative tiaras, the more fun
the whole Tiara Parade is, so get busy...and don't forget to
practice your Miss America get extra points for that!
Let me remind you again that this year the Tiara Parade will be in
a DIFFERENT location--Festival Theatre, Hall E, show floor, all
the way to the right hand end of the hall.  See you there!
Karey Bresenhan
Director, Int'l Quilt Festival--Houston and Chicago

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