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tattoos and quilts

Posted on Thursday - August 4, 2005

I was watching tv with my kids the other day. Both are getting ready for college in a few weeks, and they've been threatening to get matching tattoos. This is not a battle I'm going to fight.

We were watching a show about a tatoo parlor. Every time they put a new design on someone, I'd say "They use a thermofax to make that screen. Whenever you are in a tatoo parlor, see if they have a thermofax they are selling."

And then I point out how much blood oozes out of the new tatoos, or maybe that's red ink. I can't quite tell.

Maybe I should make a deal with them that I'll pay for their tattoos if they bring home a thermofax.

It also occurs to me that I should go to a tattoo parlor and ask if they'll make me a screen.

I also wonder if a tattoo with one of my quilt designs might be something to consider.....

Is it tatoo or tattoo?

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