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Tiara Parade 2005

Posted on Thursday - July 21, 2005

I received my festival catalog today. So, I want to remind all of you that our annual Tiara Parade and Chinese Buffet Luncheon will again take place on Saturday October 29. I will assume for now that we will convene outside Room 216, at 12:15, only because that's what it says on the official sign from last year.

Karey is in charge of the Tiara Parade (and all of Festival of course!), so this is obviously info for planning purposes only. Karey will post more details later. It is possible that we will be meeting somewhere else in the convention center. But for now, assume it's still Saturday, and for lunch.

You don't have to make a reservation, and you don't have to come to both parts.

Generally, here's how it goes: 12:15 Tiara (or equivalent) wearers gather and start chit-chatting and making a lot of noise. Karey arrives.

12:20 Robbi shows up and makes an excuse for a) not remembering her tiara and b) being late because she was teaching. (This will be different this year as she is not teaching and therefore has no excuse beyond generally being a ditz.)

12:25 Somehow everyone is quieted down and the exhibition begins. Tiara wearers parade one at a time, in front of the judges and the gathered group, giving their best BEAUTY QUEEN WAVE and saying a FEW WORDS about their tiara. Voting begins.


12:? The gathering moves down the escalator, through the convention hall and out the back door. Then through the parking lot, across a street and down the block to Hung Kee. Hung Kee is a delightful chinese restaurant that has a buffet that is about $6. They usually hear us coming and open up the side room. Guests eat and chat until they want to go back to the convention center, via the same route we came there.

It's a lot of fun and you can bring your friends. If you want to see pictures of last year, go to my website, there are two pages of pictures. I promise you'll smile! tiara page 1>

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